Alumni Profile: Clark Jacobs ’20

We recently caught up with our very own Clark Jacobs ’20 and had the chance to ask him about his Kappa Sig experience, and where life since Georgia Tech has taken him. Here’s what he had to say: 

Where has life taken you since you graduated? Give us a brief recap up to this point including career and family highlights.

Up to this point I’ve pretty much been coping with unemployment, unfortunately, lol. Outside of the job search itself, I’ve spent a good bit of my time, aside from relaxing, learning to actually cook dinner for myself, as I’ll have to do that consistently for the first time once I move into my own apartment (only after getting hired, of course). Also to be clear, I’m living with my parents until I land a job.

What are the most important lessons you learned because of Kappa Sigma?

The lessons that Alpha Tau have taught me are primarily centered on support/friendship, specifically as a result of how everyone acted following my accident.

When you look back on your time in Kappa Sigma, what moments do you tend to remember most?

The most memorable moments were certainly those spending quality time with other brothers in that mansion/castle of a house. Ironically these memories were actually primarily in the study room, lol.

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Alumni Profile: Clark Jacobs ’20