Alumni Profile: Mike Alexander ’80

We recently caught up with our very own Mike Alexander ’80 and had the chance to ask him about his Kappa Sig experience, and where life since Georgia Tech has taken him. Here’s what he had to say: 

Where has life taken you since you graduated? Give us a brief recap up to this point including career and family highlights. 

I graduated in March of 1980 and went to work in the steel industry where I spent 39 years with the same company and its associated companies. I spent time in Tampa, Jacksonville, and eventually back in Atlanta. I retired in February of 2019 and moved NE of Atlanta and now live on Lake Hartwell enjoying every minute of my retired life. During my years of college, my wife Margie and I had two wonderful children. My son went to Georgia Southern and is currently an instructor pilot with the US Army. My daughter went to UGA, much to my dismay, and is now a pharmacist at Children’s Health Care of Atlanta. We could not be more proud of both of them. I stay active by still officiating high school basketball in the Atlanta area and play softball in an over 45 league during the summer. I am also an active Rotarian. I regularly stay in touch with Kevin Propst and recently had Mike and Caroline Malone up for a visit on the lake.  

What are the most important lessons you learned because of Kappa Sigma? 

 I think what I learned most came from living in the house and holding the GM position. It taught me great skills in how to both get along as well as getting a lot of individual personalities pulling towards the same goal. A lot of time there was conflict and I had to act as a referee but let both sides know their opinions were valued.

When you look back on your time in Kappa Sigma, what moments do you tend to remember most? 

 I think what I remember and cherish the most were the down times spent in the lobby just hanging out. There were sometimes card games going on, board games, and sometimes just nothing. Obviously, we did not have cell phones so you had no choice but to look each other in the eye and just talk.  

Can you share any photos of you back at Georgia Tech or today? 

The first picture is from back in the day. It is Kevin Propst ’81 and Trey Lee aka, Ben Dover, and Tennessee Tucker. The second picture is of Mike ’81 and Caroline Malone from their visit.

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Kappa Sigma provided me with brotherhood and social experience that I will cherish all my life. I only wish that I could see a lot of the characters again. When Roger Tarras ’78 shanghaied me years ago to help raise money for the new house, it forced me to reconnect with a lot of folks. While “dialing for dollars” I had a great chance to share stories and relive old times. It was great reliving old memories. 

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