2022 Kappa Sigma Holiday Challenge  

Are you ready to take on our 2022 Holiday challenge? Without all of us, Alpha Tau of Kappa Sigma simply does not exist. Your 2022 year-end gift can help to make this our best year yet. Are you in? 

Why should you give back? Alumni contributions are at the heart of everything we do. Your gifts help to support our undergrad chapter and keep the house in good shape to stay competitive during recruitment. Our contributions also support every alumni experience like reunions events and make it possible for us to stay connected through news and updates. 

Will you step up to lead the way by being the first from your grad year to add your name to the Honor Roll of Donors? Don’t miss the chance to give back to the organization that defined our Georgia Tech experience. Even just $10 will let your brothers know you’re out there and you still care.  

Help us make this giving year the strongest one yet. To give to the 2022-23 annual fund today, use any of these methods:  

Click here to see who’s on the 2022-23 Honor Roll of Donors. Add your name now.