A little bit of Kappa Sigma history  

Our fraternity has had a long and noteworthy past. Although many of us finished our new member education many years ago, we thought it was time to share a few more fun facts about the history of Kappa Sigma.  

  • The fraternity was founded in 1869 inside the residence room of founder William Grigsby McCormick — 46 East Lawn in the University of Virginia.
  • An extensive list of prominent alumni can be found here, including James “Jimmy” Buffett (Epsilon-Nu, University of Southern Mississippi, 1967).
  • Kappa Sigma has over 400 chapters, including active and inactive chapters.
  • The fraternity “has raised over $2 million dollars to aid our veterans across North America,” and they have awarded nearly $5 million to deserving Kappa Sigma undergraduates in the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund.

Interested in reading more? Check out the national fraternity’s webpage on history here.