Alumni Updates: Here’s what your brothers have been up to since Georgia Tech

It is always a great opportunity when you get to catch up with a brother you haven’t seen in a while! We recently caught up with a brother who gave us an update on what they have been up to since Georgia Tech! Read on to hear his updates. 

John Roberts ’69 was my best man at my wedding to my first wife in 1968 while at Georgia Tech. He was also my best man at my second wedding in 1985. He did a better job the second time around, as I am still happily married to that wife – Theresa. We got together often through the years after his return from service in Vietnam as we both ended up back in the Atlanta area. Eventually, John ended up working overseas in Dubai. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2006 after being hit by a van while out jogging in Dubai. John got me into jogging during the summers we were in Atlanta at the old O’Keefe high school track. I continued to do jogging (on and off) through the years. After retirement in 2010, I took back to jogging on a fulltime basis. It eventually has become walking on a daily basis because of knee issues. It has kept me in good health, and I owe a lot of this to what John got me doing while being fraternity brothers at Tech.” Marc E. Roach ’70

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