Donor Spotlight: Greg Jenkins ’82

We want to take this time to say THANK YOU to Greg Jenkins ’82 for his continued support of Alpha Tau Chapter of Kappa Sigma over the years. We recently caught up with Greg and asked him about where life has taken him, Kappa Sigma memories, and what Alpha Tau Chapter means to him today. Here’s what he had to say.  

Why have you remained so dedicated to Kappa Sigma?

I have always appreciated what Kappa Sigma and my Brothers did for me. Kappa Sigma was critical to my personal wellbeing at Tech. I was a shy kid from a small town in Kentucky that came to Tech knowing no one.  They accepted me for who I was. I truly believe it was integral to my success in life, so it’s just natural to give back now that I’m in a position to do so.

How has being in Kappa Sigma changed your life? 

If it hadn’t been for the friends I made within the fraternity, I’m not sure I would have hung in there and gotten the Georgia Tech degree that changed my life! Fraternity life helped build my self confidence which I believe has been key to a lot of my success. In addition, learning to be part of something bigger than yourself was an important life lesson.