Gary Harrell ’84: Fast times in the Big Easy

Gary Harrell says that during his college days, Kappa Sigma had a reputation around campus for having a little bit of everything. “We were known for having a broad and varied membership and being involved in everything from IFC, student government, and intramural sports, to having a member of the GT Lacrosse team, a member of the GT Ice Hockey team, and the first (and second) Buzz mascots.” 

Gary remembers spending a lot of time hanging out in the house lobby during the week, “but on the weekends, THE PIT, always!” But what has stayed with him most over the years is the memory of an unforgettable road trip with his brothers, when a Yellow Jackets away game offered the perfect motivation to visit Bourbon Street: 

“It still amazes me that the rental place actually rented us the Winnebago, but they did. Of course, now that I think about, it the crazier thing was that I put in my name and on my credit card. Not too smart! I cannot remember the exact count, but about a dozen of us piled into this very large RV and headed to New Orleans to see Georgia Tech play Tulane… NOT. We didn’t care about the football game, but we did want to go to the Big Easy. It would be a breach of trust to say anything more about what happened on the trip, but I can say 1) we did all have a great time , 2) we actually did go to the game (for a bit), and 3) we made it back safely!”