Here is how the brotherhood benefits if we all stepped up.  

With the beginning of a new school year comes a new class of Kappa Sigma brothers. Needless to say, our brotherhood is constantly growing!   

Thanks to donations of both time and money by our brothers and alumni, we are able to keep the brotherhood strong throughout the years. We have put together a list of benefits that brothers, current and future, are able to enjoy when we choose to give back.  

1) Networking: Fraternities have the ability to form connections like no other group. With members of all ages and stages of life, there is always a brother with the knowledge needed to help in any situation. A good chapter always keeps in touch with their alumni. 

2) Lifelong Friends: Not only are they able to help, but brothers are able to form a special bond through shared traditions. After countless professional and social events spent together, connections like these are often strong enough to last a lifetime.  

3) Professional Skills: Not only does the fraternity help us form bonds, but it teaches us vital skills that will be crucial to future career success. Many alumni site these skills as their top reason for giving back to the fraternity!  

4) Social Events: No matter how old you are, revisiting the old ‘stomping grounds’ to meet up with your old college buddies is always a good time! With the Alpha Tau Chapter, there will always be a group back at Georgia Tech to visit. Whether it be homecoming, a football game, or an alumni reunion, Alpha Tau Chapter alumni and brothers are present.  

It is time we thank the fraternity for all it has done for us. We give so that future generations can experience the same great benefits of brotherhood!