Why Brothers Give, in their own words

When alumni give, they are making a statement about their commitment to Kappa Sigma and its impact. Everyone has their own WHY for becoming a donor. 


Here are some personal testimonials from these generous donors to inspire all of us to do our part. Thank you to these Brothers for their contributions and for sharing their thoughts: 

“My experience at Tech was awesome and Kappa Sigma was a significant part of it!” – Mike Hug ’80

“The fraternity provided a social life in what would otherwise been a sterile big-city campus attended by a town boy. It helped me mature, provided life-long friendships, and has even created new friendships in later years. I want to help other deserving young men to have the same advantages.” – Stewart Winn ’58



Want to share your reason for giving? Email us and we’ll share it in our next issue. 


If these reasons for giving are meaningful to you, head over to the donate page to make a contribution today.