Without Kappa Sigma, I wouldn’t have… 

Through everything we experience in life, we take something from each moment. Our college years can be some of the most influential years of our lives, and through each experience and moment, we had Kappa Sigma to fall back on. We recently talked to Kappa Sigma brothers, here’s what they told us they wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Kappa Sigma:

“The brothers were always there when you needed them, and they knew how to have fun when you needed a break from studies.” He says that Kappa Sigma impacted his life long after graduation. “It reminded me of the value of brotherhood.” – Charles Seay ‘63

Without Kappa Sigma, I wouldn’t have taken five years to graduate on the one hand nor graduated at all on the other… I got an opportunity to grow up and that’s what I needed most. – Michael Lutz ‘68